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EMP Media is a company that designs cross media campaigns and creates content for different platforms. We focus on combining creativity with business, ideas with entrepreneurship. For us it is important to not just create what the customer wants, but to assure that this creation will sort the wanted effect and will guaranteed produce a positive experience. We go further. We make sure that our productions look amazingly awesome and at the meantime reach the crowd they’re supposed to. 


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Video production

This is where it all started, video production. Over the past years we have produced heaps of cool videos that were designed to inspire, persuade and to captivate.

To us it does not matter how big or how small the client or its wishes are, if the client has passion for his product or company, so will we.

Our specialties are; off and online commercial production, (YouTube) pre-roll videos, online (viral like) programs, B2B videos and music videos

Social media

Social media has become something crucial for a large group of companies. Unfortunately however, they often don’t exactly know how to optimally use social media to achieve communication goals or how to manage their social media. Luckily we do!

We have created and implemented successful social media campaigns for companies such as Ibiza Party Guide, Tuatara and Nindo. We specialize in reaching large crowds through social media and forging links between company and costumer. This way we realize strong and lasting communities around a company or a brand.

Equestrian media

We love the hippic world. Therefore, over the past years, we have been helping horse breeders, studbooks and riders with their media related concerns. We have been able to because we don’t only know how to produce a video, we also know how we can best picture a horse and to present it in its full glory. Our main activities are live streaming, creating online video databases and producing online journals.

Motivational speaking

We are young entrepreneurs, concerned with the world and we love to share our experience and inspiration with as many people as we can. Lets have a coffee to discuss the possibilities of having one of us speaking at your event / workshop / school.



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